Christmas 2020 update

We’ve just been subjected to an extension on our lock down all the way through Christmas and into the New Year… Bummer! 

The good news:

Skateboarding is not closed, it never was, and it never will be. It wouldn’t be advisable to end up in the hospital due to injury from trying something outside of one's ability, but you can still skateboard (weather permitting). Your drive way, that abandoned parking lot in Townsite, the garden wall, Glacier Hill, Westview Elementary are all possible spots where one can practice. 

Skateboarding 101 class at the Rec Complex
(Skateboarding 101 class at the Rec Complex)

Skateboarding is accessible. The best obstacle is the flat ground. Flat ground is the oldest and most rudimentary of the skateboard disciplines. 

We’ve been really fortunate to utilize the empty ice rink at the Recreation Complex prior to this latest lockdown for skateboarding purposes. Classes were full and our drop in program was pre registered with everyone wearing helmets and getting to skate. 

Sunset over Townsite, Powell River

Life goes on, especially here in Powell River, where not all that much changes. Our median age is still 52, the sunsets are still as striking, and our skateboard park is just as crusty and chalked full of obstacles as it always was. People have had to adapt, and are proactively building obstacles. Vancouver Island University has stepped up and built us some boxes and jumps for our lesson program, which we can’t wait to resume as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Townskate Skateshop Powell River

We have holiday shop hours from now until December 19, Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm-5pm. Thank you everyone who has made it a priority to make an appointment and pay us a visit, we will be sure to have all of your skateboard needs met. Thank you again!