Spring 2023 Update

Blog Post Spring 2023

We’re still here, we’re open Tuesday to Saturday 11 – 5, except on days we take to spend time with our family, it’s been four and a half years and we’re still here. Our neighbors have paper over their windows, the other neighbor’s façade was vandalized with spray paint, but Powell River still has a skateboard shop.

This past winter we skated with some international students, hit the park every dry day possible, and got to work uniting the local community through the qathet Skateboard Society; with the aim of convincing the powers that be to invest in their skateboard park and make it contemporary and accessible for all. The society currently has a pending application to lease a former scouts building as a location for a community ramp, so we’ll see how  this all pans out… all  we can do is try, maybe the letters of support from the school district, the local community college, and the  Lower Mainlands Skateboard coalition will help, fingers crossed.


Despite the lack of indoor skateboard infrastructure, which is endemic of most Canadian cities grappling with higher-than-average real estate costs, we have been granted permission to use the Community court at the high school for the purpose of skateboarding. Starting in May we will be hosting drop in Skateboard sessions and beginner skateboard lessons every Wednesday from 530 – 730pm as long as the weather holds.

In store you can see some works of art from some of the local talent in the qathet (Powell River) region, including affordable canvases for purchase, locally built sculptures and hand painted decks and shoes. For updates on upcoming events, which there will be many, be sure and follow our social medias, thanks for reading stay safe and continue undoing the harms of social distancing by shopping in person at your local skateboard shop.